As the owner of Abracadabra, I have studied sustainability and have my sustainability certificate with an associate of science degree and ever since I have been implementing sustainable practices in my business and life. I have organic products that work very well. In some cases I have gone totally green and have no need for chemicals and only use a variety of organic plant-based products. All of our organic products are stamped and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved. Make sure you ask our competitors to show you what products they are using and that there is no doubt that they are being honest about their cleaning methods. So what are unhealthy things that are in regular carpet cleaning chemicals you might ask? Do some research on harmful effects of phosphates, propylene glycol, and butyl ether.

When we say we have sustainable practices we are not only referring to our sustainable non-toxic environmentally friendly products. We don’t just have sustainable products, we have sustainable practices and procedures. When our waste tank gets full if there is access to a tree or shrub we will save you some water and money and water that with our waste water. Since we use non-toxic products there is no problem with doing this. Other companies just dump the water in the street or in a main sewer line but since you paid for this water we try to put it to good use. We try to schedule jobs in one area to limit our fossil fuel use and not be over consumptive. We use GPS systems that eliminate as many left turns as possible so that we are not wasting gas waiting in line to turn left. We email our receipts to customers so that we are not wasting paper. Our employees drink out of water jugs provided by Abracadabra instead of single use water bottles that will end up in a land fill or even worse the ocean. We try to lower our impact and be as sustainable as possible in every one of our processes because we care and are aware of the side effects of not doing so.


For carpet we have the option of using our non-toxic brands and our regular chemicals to get out anything else that might need extra attention. If you prefer, we will only give you the total green non-toxic package with no toxins. I actually like to show and tell my customer what I am using. If you are shopping around ask our competitors if their “green products” are stamped and approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) because ours are safe and we are willing to show you and give you proof. Our products are phosphate free, ethylene glycol free, and butyl ether free.


For tile we have found an organic way of cleaning that doesn’t require any chemicals and only used plant-based products/acids that clean the tile better then toxic chemicals. We are 100% green with the tile cleaning. We use plant-based edible products to clean your tile so it’s safer for you, your children, your pets and our environment.

House Cleaning

We provide all natural house cleaning and maid services. We take some old remedies and mixtures of lemon juice, baking soda and salts that clean better than any harsh, toxic chemicals along with some essential oils of your choice. We understand that toxic chemicals are not the answer and there are healthy ways to clean your house without using chemicals.