If you are looking for an experienced knowledgeable stone care specialist who will evaluate your floor with skill then look no further. We specialize in stone floor polishing using a variety of different techniques depending on your floors needs we will proceed in the most cost effective direction in order to maintenance your floor properly. Let us help you make the right decision by educating you on your floor and your options. Other companies have one method while we use several because every floor needs to be handled with care differently. With our years of professional stone cleaning experience and our state of the art machinery and products we can seal, polish, strip or wax your floor. We can also provide maintenance services for you if needed. Call today and schedule a FREE estimate.

Floor Services

  • Stripping
  • Coating
  • Concrete Staining
    Concrete Staining
  • Epoxy Coating
    VCT Stripping and Sealing
  • Acid Etch Removal
    Acid Etch Removal