Ceramic/Porcelain Tile & Grout Cleaning

Do you even remember the color of your grout? Is your tile dull, unattractive and filthy? We can restore your ceramic and porcelain tile back to the way it used to look. We will remove any build up or soap residue that may be on your floor and bring it back to life!!! We can also scrub grout back to its original shine. With years of professional tile and grout cleaning experience along with our professional machinery and products, we can clean and bring shine back to your floor. Throughout our cleaning process we will make sure your floor is properly handled with care. Whether your tile is ceramic or porcelain we will take the extra step so you are satisfied. Once we have cleaned your floor we can give you pointers on how to maintain your floor and what products you should and shouldn’t use to clean your floor. We can also provide maintenance services for you if needed.



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